Museum of Illusions

Ride aboard the Titanic, find yourself among giant toys or attempt a zombie escape… A visitor to the Museum of Illusions is not a passive observer but a full-fledged participant of the paintings created by the best artists.

This is a place where photography is not just encouraged – it is part and parcel of the exhibition. The museum of optical illusions is intended to fill visitors’ photo albums with vivid and unusual photographs. Everyone find something to their liking here, because we tried to cover every topic of interest for the humankind.

The Museum of optical illusions opens its doors for the viewers of all ages, without restrictions, and guarantees – no one will feel bored!


Integrated tickets can be purchased. Any 5 projects for 1000RUR. No expiry dates. No other discounts and benefits are available.

Gift certificates can be purchased. They are available at the box office, the cost is equal to the ticket price. These gift certificates are not limited to the period of validity!

The tickets are available for purchase at the box office just before the visit.No booking in advance is necessary.The tickets are always available.

Children under 4 years of age visit the museum free of charge, older ones, at full price.

Of course you can! Come and have fun with us on your birthday! For children up to 10 years, it is possible to organize a festive event with animators. Phone us for more details.

We have free access - without excursions. Of course, group visits are possible. Advance booking is not necessary, tickets are purchased on the spot immediately before visiting. No pre-booking is necessary, the tickets are always available.

On holidays, we work in a standard mode, seven days a week.

No, there are no age restrictions.


SpongeBob Fans opened Krusty Krab cafe

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? SpongeBob Fans know the right answer!Now this funny guy in square pants can be found in Moscow - at the Krusty Krab fan-cafeSteering wheels on the tables, ship barrels instead of chairs and yummy...


“In the dark” maze

In a dark, dark city there’s a dark, dark maze… It’s hard to tell where to go and how to move in a pitch-black environment. What awaits behind the corner – nobody knows that.

There are many tactile surprises for the visitors to this dark maze....


Break the dishes!

Women are known to be fond of breaking dishes during family arguments – maybe that is why they live longer? And if you write your dearest wish on a plate or a cup, then break it – the wish is guaranteed to come true. So let’s break dishes in a...



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